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teams and tech for life.

11k Ventures is a business angel collective based in Germany. We focus on early-stage startups that want to make a difference by preservation and improvement of human health - and occasionally other topics we find promising.

Featured Investment


Development of software for medical image recognition with deep learning to support pathologists in the digitalization and automation of workflows. MindPeak's products serve the automated recognition of tumors and pathological tissue for routine use in hospitals, practices and laboratories.

#Hamburg #B2B #DigitalHealth #AI #Software

Co-invested with Nina Capital, APEX Ventures, Motu Ventures and others.

Featured Investment


Development of a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology which will be applicable in radiology practices and clinics. The disruptive sensing principle allows totally new and smaller device form factors, the usage of cheaper components and significantly improved handling.

#Berlin #B2B #MedTech #AI #SensorTech

Co-invested with APEX Ventures, Angel Invest Ventures, EF, SOSV and others.

Featured Investment


Development of a gas warning device to increase occupational health and safety for workers in the oil, gas and chemical industry. The advanced gas chromatography technology is made accessible to new user groups by miniaturization, automated data processing and an intuitive user experience.

#Hamburg #B2B #SensorTech #IIoT #App

Co-invested with HTGF, IFB Innovationsstarter and UVC (prior partner invest). Exit to medical and safety devices corporation Drägerwerk.

About us

Active partnership
with founders.

Active partnership
with founders.

We are entrepreneurs and digital managers who support health-related B2B startups, through bundling our resources, experience and networks. We seek to create added value, especially by helping companies to find their product-market fit, leverage public funding options and to benefit from our industry-specific contacts. Let’s have a chat about your venture.

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